…I have arranged the stock BASIC Engine Orange Pi/NG edition English language help file to be in alphabetical order. In addition, I’ve added SCREEN graphics modes 11 through 20 under the SCREEN help section. A little work needs to be done in the description fields. All credit goes to Uli, the project founder and guru.

Download via Google Drive for now: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10DggcYqozVR_Sd_LN7d2A3pPJLP5kzbf?usp=sharing

GitHub stuff to be up sooner or later. Finally getting back into the swing of things. I despise WordPress, or at least this shared hosting version. Some projects, including the BASIC Engine and Color Maximite 1 versions of the 8 bit classic, Star Raiders, are in early stages and will show up on Git and here in a month or two. My own 1u server is nearly ready and will be colocated in later summer or very early autumn.

The BASIC Engine, designed by Ulrich Hecht of Germany, is a modern take on 1980’s home computers, built from an ESP8266 microcontroller and a VS23S010 composite output video controller. The graphics capabilities, even using the inbuilt BASIC interpreter, are roughly equal to an NEC TurboGrafx-16 (PC Engine outside of the U.S.). The BASIC Engine utilizes a fully featured BASIC interpreter, line numbers and all. For more information, as well as a web-based HTML manual, visit the BASIC Engine homepage.

We will start a BASIC Engine series soon; exploring the demo programs that ship with most retail versions of the hardware, as well as sifting through the BASIC Engine BASIC manual and re-learning what we did in the late 1970s and 1980s.

I have purchased several prebuilt BASIC Engines from ProjektProdukt on eBay (I have no affiliation, other than being a satisfied customer).